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"Finally! You Have Found an Advertisement Revenue Sharing Program With Teated Strategies to Send Quality Targeted Traffic to Your Business And A Proven Formula That Will INCREASE YOUR INCOME TREMENDOUSLY!"

Insta Adpays Introduce: an advertisement company selling high quality targeted traffic for your website or to promote your affiliate links. On top of that we share the revenue from "The Insta Adpays" as we have integrated a revenue sharing program for every member that buys ad packs on our site.

Insta Adpays Packages offers you the ability to promote your website through a combination of Banner, Text and Login Page advertising. That helps you to increase recognition and generate better overall results in increasing recognition, gaining leads, sign-ups and referrals. Simply select the number of visitors you want, complete payment, ad your banner, description, link to your website and receive visitors!

AdPack With Revenue Share Plan:

One of the services we offer includes a revenue sharing position. It's from the sales of all our services that we share revenues every hour. When our members purchase a service from Insta Adpays, the revenues from that purchase are held by the company. When you purchase an AdPack with revenue share, you can qualify to receive share of the profits! Naturally there is cost associated with providing services. Each service provided generates a profit margin. We share those profits every hour with you! 
You will Receive Adpack earning when you surf 7 ads daily after 24 hours. Each share will generate up to 120% to 138% profit.

Free Signup Bonus:

You can register for free anytime you want. There are no obligations and we do not force you to register, is up to you and is free all the time. So just create your free account and get 5000 Adcredits Free as a signup bonus.

Revenue Sharing Plans:

Insta Adpays Offers you a fast and effect way to advertise with high level traffic boost to your will help you get very satisfied result with affordable cost. Insta Adpays offer below 5 type Revenue Sharing Plans:


IAP Plan 1: Classic
Cost of AdPack: $40
AdCredits: 30000

Daily Capped: 10%

Total Revenue Income: 120%

Re-Purchase Rule 40%
Maximum Adpacks Purchase: 20

Requierment if Any: NO

IAP Plan 2: Premium
Cost of AdPack: $25
AdCredits: 20000

Daily Capped: 8%

Total Revenue Income: 125%

Re-Purchase Rule 40%
Maximum Adpacks Purchase: 50

Requierment if Any: 5 Classic Adpack

IAP Plan 3: Basic
Cost of AdPack: $20
Banner Credits: 15000

Daily Capped: 6%

Total Revenue Income: 130%

Re-Purchase Rule 40%
Maximum Adpacks Purchase: 100

Requierment if Any: 10 Premium Adpack

IAP Plan 4: Micro
Cost of AdPack: $10
AdCredits: 10000

Daily Capped: 5%

Total Revenue Income: 135%

Re-Purchase Rule 40%
Maximum Adpacks Purchase: 250

Requierment if Any: 20 Basic Adpack

IAP Plan 5: Mini
Cost of AdPack: $5
AdCredits: 5000

Daily Capped: 4%

Total Revenue Income: 138%

Re-Purchase Rule 40%
Maximum Adpacks Purchase: 5000

Requierment if Any: NO


Multi Level Referral System:

We have a 3-level deep referral commission process, enabling you to earn as much as. So If you have friends and want to invite them, you can use your unique referral link and we will reward you with 12% of all his investments, instantly, directly to your account.


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