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"Finally! You Have Found an Advertisement Revenue Sharing Program With Teated Strategies to Send Quality Targeted Traffic to Your Business And A Proven Formula That Will INCREASE YOUR INCOME TREMENDOUSLY!"

Providing professional Advertising services

We offer a combination of highly effective advertising for your business combined with a generous share in the Advertising sales profits generated by our website. We Pay You To Promote Your Business. You will not only benefit from high quality traffic from our website but you will also receive a percentage of all revenue generated by our website from selling advertising.

Be Part Of A Winning Formula That Works Every Time!

This model of business is designed not to stall. It was developed to enable MORE members to earn money MORE often! You can sit with your account page open, and watch as your earnings increase in real-time on hourly basis. This is not MLM, HYIP or PONZI program. The formula behind this model is proven and works everytime. You dont need any experience, skills, or list to earn in this model. Anyone can do this. Whether you are a complete newbie to this, or a top experienced marketer, this is a simple and fun way of getting started in online marketing and a comprehensive upgrade path to higher earnings

Our revenue sharing plans
Free Signup Bonus 5000 Adcredits
You can register for free anytime you want. There are no obligations and we do not force you to register, is up to you and is free all the time. So just create your free account and get 5000 Adcredits Free as a signup bonus.
Multi Level Referral System
We have a 3-level deep referral commission process, enabling you to earn as much as. So If you have friends and want to invite them, you can use your unique referral link and we will reward you with 12% of all his investments, instantly, directly to your account.
Unlimited Earnings
Increase Earnings With daily Compounding. No Matrix, And No Sponsoring required to Earn. Insta Adpays paid to earning evey hour, so simply buy Ad packs, surf 7 ads for qualify to daily earning and watch to your account every hour grow.
Multiple Advertising
We guarantee a hight quality advertising services and traffic to our businesses and advertisers. Purchase banner ads, login ads and text ads daily to be shown on our site. Once a member you can purchase unlimited advertising from your members area.
Do You Need Quality Advertising?

We all do! Once you have registered, purchase an Adpack receive advertising credits in the form of banner, website and text ad impressions. Insta Adpays is a fully automated advertising and income generating program established for ADVERTISERS to advertise their business opportunity to the world. We are NOT a get rich quick program, an Investment site or a HYIP, but a DUAL purpose site with the VISION to enhance the online advertising industry. Read More

We offer a powerful marketing solution for your website or affiliate link plus a fantastic earning oportunity for our members. The key to success and stability in any program is to ensure our members get results as quickly as possible. We invite you to take part by joining us and find out just how awesome it feels to build your brand with our affordable Advertising solution. No fancy cyclers and boards to go through - just 100% PURE ADVERTISING!

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Total Payouts
Long term revenueshare with 120 procent ROI
Launch 29th Jan. - 7 Processors accepted 2.5%daily
Launch 29th Jan. - 7 Processors accepted 2.5%daily
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